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Value for Money
Most of our clients will tell you that a cyberpaint web site is very good value for money. This is not because we work for peanuts, but because since we started in 1997, we have focussed our attention on building an extremely efficient system of programming and design.

Your Face to The World
All are sites are tailored to the individual, we don't use templates, and we prefer to create a holistic, design concept which suits the identity of the client. Your web site is your face to the world, which has the potential to be seen by millions of people, a badly designed site can do more harm than good so it makes sense to put a little more emphasis on the look and feel of your site at the outset, the content can always be added to as the site builds.

Updating and Maintanance
As with search engine optimisation, using a little fore thought can make it easier to update, so if you need to make simple text changes from time to time we can generally do this free of charge (NB. this will be purely at our discretion). As our web sites are designed individually we can taylor a management deal to your specific requirements or simply update as necessary at our hourly rate.

Individual Pricing
All sites are individual and have very different requirements, so we prefer to quote after consultation with the client. Prices tend to start from around £500, for a static site, which includes spending time on the design concept, to make sure your web site projects the right image for your clients, a feedback form, fonts, links, layout, graphics and photo's, and also includes search engine submission which is done several times a week for the first two months (several pages). Our hourly rate is £25.

Making sure your site works
All our sites are guaranteed to HTML 4.0 standards and we use all the latest software to make sure links and other interactive parts of the site function perfectly. All sites are tested for browser compatibility and different screen resolutions.

Email us with any further questions you may have: info@cyberpaint.com

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